Costco apple pie review

Costco Apple Pie Review: A Slice of Heaven?

Costco’s Apple Pie is praised for its flaky crust and sweet filling. Customers appreciate the pie’s generous size and value for money.

Costco, a wholesale giant, is renowned for its wide selection of high-quality items, and their bakery section does not disappoint. Among the many treats available, the Apple Pie stands out as a fan favorite, especially during the holiday season or for festive gatherings.

Baked fresh, this pie is an example of Costco’s commitment to offering premium products at competitive prices. Its deliciously crafted apple filling, enveloped by a buttery and flaky crust, has garnered a loyal following. Shoppers often highlight the convenience of grabbing such a crowd-pleaser that balances taste with affordability, making it an outstanding choice for those needing a quick dessert option without sacrificing homemade appeal.

Costco’s Apple Pie: The Retail Giant’s Sweet Treat

Imagine the perfect end to a family meal or a companion to your afternoon coffee—a slice of apple pie that combines tradition and a touch of retail magic. Costco’s apple pie brings this vision to life. Baked fresh, filled with tender apples and a mix of delightful spices, this pie is a treat that appeals to sweet tooths of all ages.

The Birthplace Of The Pie

Costco, known for its bulk items and towering aisles, may not be the first place that comes to mind for homemade desserts. But within its bustling atmosphere lies the simple charm of their bakery section. Freshly baked pies sit proudly amongst the selection, reminding shoppers that quality and comfort can come in surprising places.

What Sets It Apart?

What makes Costco’s apple pie special isn’t just its size, though it’s impressively large. What sets it apart is the meticulous balance of flavors and textures:

  • Crispy crust: A golden, flaky exterior that holds up to the filling
  • Apple filling: Packed with chunks of sweet orchard apples
  • Signature spices: A secret blend giving it that just right warmth

Each ingredient combines to create a mouthwatering experience, slice after slice. With the availability year-round at Costco’s accessible price point, it isn’t hard to understand why this pie has a fan following.

What Sets It Apart?


First Impressions: Sight, Smell, And Size

Fresh out of the oven, a Costco Apple Pie sits regally on the counter, inviting a closer look. First impressions do matter, especially when it comes to the tantalizing world of desserts. The sight, the smell, and the sheer size of these pies often leave an indelible mark, influencing your taste buds before a single morsel has been savored.

Visual Appeal: Love At First Sight

The golden crust glistens, hinting at the flaky texture that awaits. As the eyes dance over the intricately woven lattice top, the slight glimmer of sugar crystals promises a delightful crunch. Generously sized and symmetrically perfect, this pie could easily be the centerpiece of any dessert table.

Aroma: The Scent Of Comfort

Lean in, and the warm, inviting aroma of cooked apples mixed with cinnamon wafts through the air. The scent alone conjures images of a cozy evening by the fire or a festive family gathering. The allure of that fresh-baked, homely smell is undeniable, signaling that this pie is something special.

Let’s explore the sensory details that set Costco’s Apple Pie apart from the rest.

Aspect Description
  • Golden, flaky crust
  • Lattice top with sugar crystals
  • Appealing symmetry and size
  • Blend of apples and cinnamon
  • Warm and inviting
  • Conjures comforting imagery
  • Large enough for multiple servings
  • Ideal for sharing at gatherings

Texture And Consistency: The Fork Test

Imagine sinking your fork into a slice of apple pie. You expect a tender crust and a perfect mix of apples. Costco’s apple pie goes through the ultimate “Fork Test.” Let’s dive in!

Crust Composition: Flaky Or Doughy?

The crust is the foundation of any great pie. A good fork test begins here. A light press with a fork reveals all. At Costco, does the crust crumble with a satisfying flakiness or does it yield a denser doughy resistance?

  • Flakiness: The layers should separate easily.
  • Golden hue: It must have a baked-to-perfection color.
  • Buttery aroma: It should promise a rich taste.

Bite into the crust. If it shatters lightly, revealing airy pockets, it’s flaky. If it holds firm, it’s on the doughy side. Costco’s apple pie aims for the former, boasting a crust that balances texture and taste.

Filling Consistency: Balancing The Apples

Move inward with the fork test. A pie’s heart is its filling. Costco’s apple pie filling should not ooze out but remain nestled within the crust, a sign of good structure.

Slice Integrity Apple Texture Sweetness Level
Holds together on the fork Tender, not mushy Perfectly balanced

The apples should provide a slight resistance to the fork, suggesting a fresh, firm texture. They should be enrobed in a sweet yet tart syrup that complements the natural flavors.

Costco’s apple pie walks this tightrope. A myriad of apple pieces harmonizes within the slice, creating a filling that stands up to the fork test – cohesive, flavorful, and delightfully textured.

Diving Into Flavor: A Layered Experience

Embark on a sensory journey with Costco’s apple pie, where every bite promises a symphony of flavors. This isn’t just a dessert; it’s a layered experience. Each slice of Costco’s apple pie offers a complex tapestry of taste that unfolds as you savor it. Get ready to dive into the depths of its flavor profile.

Sweetness And Spice Harmony

The crux of an apple pie lies in balancing the sweet with the spicy, and Costco’s pie hits these notes perfectly. Here’s what each mouthful brings:

  • The crust: Buttery, flaky, and golden.
  • The filling: A generous helping of apples, brimming with natural sweetness.
  • The spices: A dash of cinnamon complements the fruit, creating a harmonious blend that delights.

In the realm of confection, this pie stands as a testament to the perfect marriage between sweetness and the warmth of spice.

The Apple Variety Debate: Impact On Taste

Different apple varieties can alter the pie’s taste significantly. Costco has mastered the art of apple selection, ensuring the flavor profile remains consistently delicious. Here are the highlights:

Apple Variety Taste Texture
Granny Smith Tart and tangy Crisp and firm
Golden Delicious Sweet and mellow Soft yet holds shape

Costco meticulously integrates multiple apple types to hit every taste note. This careful selection ensures that every pie slice is bursting with flavor, a true testament to their commitment to quality.

Portion Size And Pricing: Worth The Indulgence?

Costco’s apple pie brings the sweet aroma of baked apples and cinnamon to your home. Large and in charge, it’s a dessert that promises satisfaction in every slice. Let’s dive into whether this pie delivers both in terms of size and cost-effectiveness.

Bang For Your Buck: A Cost Analysis

Costco’s apple pie isn’t just big; it’s heavy on value, too. Priced affordably, you get a pie that could easily be priced higher elsewhere. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Price: Typically under $10
  • Weight: Over 3.5 pounds
  • Slices: Up to 12 generous pieces

When you do the math, each slice costs less than a dollar. That’s a deal hard to beat!

Feeding A Crowd: Quantity Meets Quality

Whether you’re hosting a party or a large family dinner, this pie covers you. Plenty to go around, each bite is packed with that homemade taste. Quality ingredients ensure that you’re serving the best.

Serving Size Taste Guest Satisfaction
Large Delicious High

From the flaky crust to the ample filling, everyone gets a slice of heaven.

flaky crust


Nutritional Profile: Not Your Diet’s Best Friend

When diving into the warm, comforting depths of a Costco Apple Pie, it’s easy to forget about nutrition. Yet, it’s key to peek at what you’re indulging in. This bakery favorite might not align with your health goals. The tasty treat is laden with sugars and fats. Let’s break down its nutritional content and see why it may be more of an occasional indulgence rather than a staple in your diet.

Caloric Rundown: A Treat Or A Cheat?

A slice of Costco Apple Pie is enticing but comes at a cost to your calorie budget. The tempting dessert is high in calories, an aspect to consider if you’re watching your intake.

Portion Size Calories
1 Slice (1/16 of pie) Approx. 360 kcal
The Whole Pie Over 5,000 kcal

Ingredient Quality: Health Considerations

The pie is undeniably delicious, but the ingredients raise some health flags. Let’s assess the key components.

  • Refined Sugars: A major ingredient contributing to high-calorie content.
  • Enriched Flour: Not as nutritionally dense as whole wheat alternatives.
  • Fats: Contains both saturated and trans fats, impacting heart health.
  • Preservatives: To extend shelf life, potentially affecting body functions.

Occasions And Pairings: Beyond The Pie Plate

Imagine a dessert that fits perfectly for any celebration. Costco’s apple pie does just that. It’s not just a dish; it’s an experience. In this blog part, let’s explore ideal serving scenarios and perfect drink pairings. Prepare to take your taste buds on an adventure beyond the pie plate!

Ideal Scenarios For Serving

Every gathering deserves a sweet highlight. Here are special moments where a Costco apple pie shines.

  • Thanksgiving feasts: A classic choice for an autumn celebration.
  • Christmas dinners: Add warmth to your holiday table.
  • Family reunions: A large pie to match the large hearts in the room.
  • Summer picnics: Enjoy a slice under the sunny sky.
  • Birthday parties: A delightful alternative to cake.

Beverage Companions: From Coffee To Cider

The right drink can turn a slice of pie into a memorable taste experience. Consider these beverage pairings:

Drink Type Serving Suggestion
Coffee A hot cup complements the pie’s sweetness.
Tea Choose black or herbal for a cozy combo.
Ice Cream A la mode adds creamy delight.
Spicy Cider The spices mix deliciously with apple flavors.
Wine Pick a sweet variety to pair with the pie’s tartness.
Beverage Companions: From Coffee To Cider


Consumer Testimonies: Raves And Rants

Costco’s apple pie garners buzz in the bakery aisle. Shoppers eagerly share their experiences. They highlight what tickles their taste buds or leaves them wanting more. Let’s dig into the mixed bag of opinions about this popular dessert.

Satisfied Pie Aficionados: The Loyalists’ View

Fans of Costco’s apple pie rave about its features. Here is a snapshot:

  • Delicious crust: “Buttery and flaky,” often mentioned.
  • Rich filling: Ample apples with the right spice mix.
  • Generous size: Perfect for family gatherings.
  • Great price: Quality that doesn’t break the bank.

These comments echo the satisfaction of repeat buyers. They affirm Costco’s pie as a holiday staple and an everyday treat. Consumers express delight in the pie’s consistency and value.

The Critics’ Corner: Not Every Pie Is Perfect

Despite glowing reviews, some express different opinions. Let’s look at what they say:

  • Too sweet: Certain taste buds prefer less sugar.
  • Occasional sogginess: Not all encounters a crisp crust.
  • Lack of filling: Some desire more apples in each slice.

These perspectives offer valuable insight into areas for improvement. They reflect diverse preferences and experiences with Costco’s apple pie.

Final Verdict: Is It A Slice Of Heaven?

Costco’s apple pie brings the warm, comforting scents of classic American baking into your home. This giant dessert, fresh from the Costco bakery, tempts with its golden crust and a filling rich with spiced apple slices. But with so many apple pie options out there, does Costco’s version truly stand out from the rest? Let’s cut into the details.

Pros And Cons At A Glance

Every bite of Costco’s apple pie tells a story – but let’s peek at the quick hits that shape this tale:

Pros Cons
  • Hearty serving size
  • Real apple chunks
  • Perfectly spiced
  • Flaky crust
  • Seasonal availability
  • Maybe too sweet for some
  • Requires membership

The Ultimate Decision: To Buy Or Not To Buy

Should you make room in your cart for this pie? Your taste buds may scream “yes!” after you glimpse its caramelized edges. Those real apple chunks we mentioned? They dance in a cinnamon embrace that’s hard to resist.

However, sweet tooths have a limit. Some may find the pie’s sugar level crosses that line. Plus, carrying a Costco-sized dessert requires a strategy if your freezer space runs tight.

Now, the big reveal: the pie shines as a family delight or a showstopper at gatherings. It serves many and pleases most. If warm apple goodness defines ‘heavenly’ for you, grab a slice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Costco’s Apple Pies Good?

Costco’s apple pies are popular for their taste and quality. Customers often praise the flaky crust and well-balanced filling. These ready-to-serve desserts are a hit for convenience and flavor.

What Is The Best Frozen Apple Pie To Buy?

The best frozen apple pie to buy is often considered to be Marie Callender’s Lattice Apple Pie, known for its homemade taste and flaky crust.

How Long Can Costco Apple Pie Sit Out?

Costco apple pie is safe to sit out for 2 hours. Exceed this time, and you should refrigerate it to prevent spoilage.

Which Company Makes The Best Apple Pie?

Determining the best apple pie maker depends on personal taste preferences. Popular options include homemade recipes or local bakeries known for their dessert offerings. National chains like McDonald’s and Marie Callender’s also receive praise for their apple pies.


Wrapping up our taste adventure with Costco’s apple pie, it’s clear why it’s a crowd favorite. With its flaky crust and rich filling, it’s a hit for any gathering or cozy night in. Don’t miss out on this delightful dessert – it’s a testament to Costco’s quality at a value that’s hard to beat.

Treat yourself to a slice and join the legion of fans; this pie is a standout.

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