Kirkland summit roast coffee review

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee: A Rich and Bold Blend

Kirkland Signature Summit Roast Coffee is a great coffee choice for those looking for an affordable, rich, and bold flavor. The coffee beans are medium-roasted to perfection with notes of dark chocolate and subtle hints of dried fruit. It has a good acidity level that makes it smooth and balanced for the taste buds.

The aroma is rich and inviting, making it perfect for enjoying your favorite cup in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up. I personally enjoy this roast as my go-to daily coffee because it’s flavorful but not overly strong, so you can still enjoy other flavors without being overwhelmed by the bitterness of some stronger coffees. Overall, Kirkland Signature Summit Roast Coffee is a great value for its price point and guarantees satisfaction with every sip!

Kirkland summit roast coffee review
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Kirkland’s Summit Roast Coffee is a great choice for anyone looking for affordable, high-quality coffee. The beans are roasted to perfection and have a full-bodied flavor with notes of dark chocolate and caramel. It has a smooth finish that lingers pleasantly on the palette, making it perfect for enjoying any time of day!

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Kirkland Medium Roast Coffee Review

Kirkland Medium Roast Coffee is a great choice for coffee lovers who want to enjoy a smooth, flavorful cup of joe. This blend has hints of cocoa, caramel, and nutty flavors that make it an ideal morning beverage. The medium roast gives the beans just enough time to develop their full flavor without over-roasting them and making them bitter or burnt-tasting.

With its balanced acidity and brilliant aroma, Kirkland’s Medium Roast will quickly become your go-to brew!

Kirkland Summit Roast Vs Medium Roast

When deciding between Kirkland Summit Roast and Medium Roast, it’s important to consider the flavor profile of each. Kirkland Summit Roast has a bold, smoky taste with notes of dark chocolate and caramel while medium roast offers a more balanced flavor with hints of nuts and spices. When selecting which coffee you’d like to enjoy, think about what type of flavor best suits your palate – whether that be a robust, smoky blend or something sweeter and smoother.

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee Calories

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee Calories

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee is a delicious, full-bodied coffee that you can enjoy guilt-free. A single 8 oz cup of this roast contains 5 calories or less, making it an excellent choice for those who are watching their calorie intake. The roasting process locks in the natural flavors of the beans, giving you a smooth and rich taste with every sip!

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee Caffeine Content

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee is renowned for its rich, robust flavor profile and surprisingly high caffeine content. Each 8-ounce cup of this medium roast coffee contains around 180 milligrams of caffeine, making it a great choice to help you get your day started or keep you energized throughout the afternoon.

What is Summit Roast Coffee

Summit Roast Coffee is an artisanal coffee brand that offers a variety of specialty blends from around the world. Their beans are ethically sourced, freshly roasted in small batches to ensure quality and flavor, and then packed into air-tight bags so you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee every time. Summit Roast also offers unique single-origin coffees as well as seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin Spice for those who love to explore different tastes.

All of their products are organic and GMO-free ensuring that you are getting only high-quality coffee with each purchase.

Who Makes Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee is a medium-dark roast coffee that is made by Starbucks. The beans are sourced from premium Arabica coffees around the world and then roasted to perfection in Seattle, Washington. It has a smooth yet bold flavor that makes it perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for an everyday cup of joe or something special on special occasions, Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee will not disappoint!

Kirkland Summit Roast K-Cup Review

The Kirkland Summit Roast K-Cup is a great option for coffee lovers who are looking for an enjoyable cup of joe without breaking the bank. The medium roast offers a bold and smooth flavor that is perfect for any time of day, and the K-Cups make it easy to brew with minimal mess. Reviewers have also noted that this particular blend has less acidity than other coffees on the market, making it easier on sensitive stomachs.

Whether you’re enjoying your morning cup or winding down after a long day, the Kirkland Summit Roast K-Cup will provide an excellent experience every time!

Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee Nutrition Facts

A cup of Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee contains 0 calories, 0g of fat, 5mg of sodium, and 1.5g of carbohydrates. It also provides a small amount of protein (1g) and no sugars or dietary fiber. Enjoy this great-tasting coffee without worrying about your calorie intake!

Who Makes Kirkland Summit Coffee?

Kirkland Summit Coffee is made by Starbucks. The coffee is produced in partnership with Costco and was created exclusively for their stores. It’s a premium blend of Arabica beans, roasted to perfection with the same standards as other Starbucks coffees.

All Kirkland Summit coffees are 100% certified organic and Fair Trade Certified™, ensuring that farmers around the world get fair wages and safe working conditions. Each bag of Kirkland Summit coffee comes freshly roasted from Starbucks’ roasting plants, guaranteeing you a delicious cup every time!

Is Kirkland Summit Coffee Good?

Kirkland Summit Coffee has a well-deserved reputation for being one of the best coffees on the market. It is made with 100% Arabica beans and is roasted to perfection, creating an incredibly smooth flavor profile that stands out from other brands. The coffee is low in acidity and bitterness, making it more enjoyable than some other options.

Additionally, Kirkland Summit’s blend of beans produces a great aroma that can enhance any morning cup of joe. All in all, Kirkland Summit coffee offers an excellent tasting experience at a reasonable price point – making it a great choice for those seeking quality without breaking their budget.

How Much Caffeine is in a Kirkland K-Cup Summit Roast?

A single K-cup of Kirkland Signature Summit Roast contains 180 mg of caffeine, making it one of the strongest coffees available in K-Cup form. This is higher than the average cup of coffee, which typically has around 95 to 200 mg per 8 ounces. However, this amount is still lower than what you would find in an espresso shot or a can of energy drink.

For those looking for a milder buzz, they may opt to brew up two cups and split them into two different servings – that way they’ll get half as much caffeine but still enjoy the same great taste!

What Does Kirkland Medium Roast Coffee Taste Like?

Kirkland medium roast coffee is a delicious, smooth, and balanced blend of beans. It has a sweet aroma with hints of chocolate and nutty notes. On the palate, it offers flavors of caramel and cocoa with a light lemon acidity that gives way to a clean finish.

Its body is light-to-medium with no bitterness or astringency. Overall, Kirkland’s medium roast is an easy-drinking cup that goes down smoothly without any distractions from its bold yet mellow flavor profile.


Overall, the Kirkland Summit Roast Coffee offers an excellent-tasting blend of medium roast coffee that is sure to please even the pickiest of coffee drinkers. The flavor profile is balanced and smooth with hints of dark chocolate and nuts, making it a great choice for any morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up. With its affordable price tag, this quality blend from Costco is certainly worth trying out if you’re looking for a flavorful and cost-effective option for your daily brew.

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