Kirkland Cream Cheese Review

Cream Cheese That’s Cream of the Crop: Kirkland Cream Cheese Review

Kirkland Cream Cheese is a brand of cheese produced by Costco, a warehouse club and retailer. It is made from pasteurized Grade A milk and cream, contains no artificial flavors or preservatives, and has a rich, creamy texture. Kirkland Cream Cheese comes in two varieties: original (plain) and lite (reduced fat).

The lite version contains 30% less fat than the regular variety but still provides the same great taste. It can be used for various recipes such as cheesecakes, dips, spreads, sauces or even just spread on toast! Kirkland Cream Cheese adds a delicious flavor to whatever it is used in and its convenience makes it an ideal choice for those who are short on time.

Kirkland Cream Cheese Review
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Kirkland Signature Cream Cheese is a must-have for any cheese lover! This cream cheese is made from real Wisconsin cow’s milk and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It has a creamy texture that melts in your mouth and its tangy taste makes it the perfect addition to any bagel or toast.

Not only does this cream cheese taste great but it’s also an excellent source of protein and calcium, making it a healthier option than other cream cheeses on the market. Whether you’re using it as part of your morning breakfast routine or as an ingredient in some delicious recipes, Kirkland Signature Cream Cheese will always be there to satisfy your cravings!

Costco Kirkland Signature Cheesecake Review

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Kirkland Cream Cheese Vs Philadelphia

Kirkland Cream Cheese and Philadelphia are two popular brands of cream cheese, but there are some key differences between the two. Kirkland is a private-label brand that is sold exclusively at Costco stores, while Philadelphia is widely available in most major supermarkets. When it comes to taste, many people prefer the rich flavor of Philadelphia over Kirkland’s more subtle taste.

However, when comparing nutritional information, both products have similar amounts of fat and calories per serving. Ultimately, the decision between these two brands boils down to personal preference and availability.

Kirkland Cream Cheese Nutrition

Kirkland Cream Cheese Nutrition

Kirkland Cream Cheese is a great source of calcium, providing 8% of your daily value in just one serving. It contains no artificial colors or flavors and is made with pasteurized milk and cream. In addition to the calcium, Kirkland Cream Cheese provides 4g of protein per serving as well as small amounts of Vitamin A and Iron.

Kirkland Cream Cheese Recipes

Kirkland Cream Cheese is a great ingredient to have in your kitchen! With its creamy texture and mild flavor, it can be used to make a variety of tasty dishes. From appetizers like cheesecake dip or smoked salmon spread to main courses such as cream cheese-stuffed chicken breasts or baked ziti with ricotta and cream cheese, there are plenty of delicious recipes you can create using Kirkland Cream Cheese.

Kirkland Cream Cheese Price

Kirkland Cream Cheese is an affordable option for those looking to stock up on cream cheese without breaking the bank. It’s usually sold in large tubs and has a very reasonable price of around $1.99 per 8 ounces, making it one of the best values on the market!

Who Makes Kirkland Cream Cheese

Kirkland Cream Cheese is made by Kraft Heinz, one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies. The company produces a wide range of products under various brands, including the popular Kirkland Signature label. Using only high-quality ingredients, the cream cheese is crafted to deliver a delicious taste and smooth texture in every bite.

Kirkland Cream Cheese Reviews

Kirkland Cream Cheese has been highly praised by consumers, who often comment on its smooth texture and rich flavor. Many have noted that it is comparable to more expensive brands in terms of quality, making it a great value for the price. In addition, many have commented that Kirkland Cream Cheese is perfectly suited for baking and spreading on toast or bagels.

With such positive reviews, Kirkland Cream Cheese appears to be a popular choice among shoppers looking for an affordable cream cheese option.

Costco Cream Cheese 6 Pack

Costco’s Cream Cheese 6 Pack is an excellent way to stock up on a delicious and versatile food item. The pack contains six 8-ounce packages of cream cheese, making it easy to use in baking, snacking, and cooking. It is made with real milk and cream for a rich flavor that will enhance any dish.

Additionally, the cream cheese is free from preservatives or artificial flavors so you can feel good about what you are eating. With this convenient bulk-size pack, you will always have plenty of creamy goodness at your fingertips!

Kirkland Cream Cheese Ingredients

Kirkland Cream Cheese is made with simple, wholesome ingredients – pasteurized cream and cheese cultures. It also contains salt to bring out the natural flavor of the cream cheese and carob bean gum to help stabilize it. The creamy texture and delicate flavor make this a great addition to any recipe!

Who Makes Kirkland Brand Cream Cheese?

Kirkland brand cream cheese is produced by Kraft-Heinz Foods Group, a US-based food manufacturing company. Founded in 1869, the company has since become one of the largest food companies in the world and is known for its iconic brands including Oscar Mayer and Jell-O. Kirkland’s cream cheese can be found at most major retail stores throughout North America and Europe as well as online retailers such Amazon or Walmart.

The product features a rich creamy texture with just enough tang to make it an ideal addition to bagels, toast, or sandwiches.

Who Owns Kirkland Cheese?

Kirkland cheese is owned by Lactalis American Group, Inc., a subsidiary of the French dairy giant Lactalis. Founded in 1933, Lactalis American Group produces and distributes an extensive line of cheeses to retail stores and food service outlets throughout the United States. This includes well-known brands like Président®, Galbani®, Sorrento®, Cracker Barrel® and more.

Kirkland Signature™ cheese was created specifically for members of Costco Wholesale Corporation; however, it is produced and distributed exclusively by Lactalis American Group.

How Many Ounces is Costco Cream Cheese?

Costco cream cheese is available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce sizes. The 8-ounce package contains two 4-ounce bars, while the 16-ounce package has four 4-ounce bars. Whether you’re baking a cheesecake or making a bagel sandwich, Costco cream cheese offers plenty of variety and convenience to help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Where Does Kirkland Signature Cheese Come From?

Kirkland Signature cheese is sourced from several countries, including the United States, Canada, and Italy. The cheese is produced in-house at the Costco warehouses and with carefully chosen suppliers who meet their standards for quality. The cows that produce the milk used to make Kirkland Signature cheeses are raised on family farms in Wisconsin, Montana and Idaho.

The Italian cheeses are made with fresh cow’s milk that comes from small dairies located throughout Northern Italy’s fertile plains. All of these sources emphasize sustainable farming practices as well as special attention to animal welfare so that you can enjoy a superior product while supporting responsible production methods.


Overall, Kirkland Cream Cheese is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the classic taste of cream cheese without breaking the bank. Its creamy texture and mild flavor make it an excellent addition to any meal or snack. With its affordable price tag, it’s no wonder that this popular product has become a staple in many households!

Whether you’re looking for an easy way to add some extra flavor to your favorite dish or just need something simple and delicious, Kirkland Cream Cheese is sure to please.

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